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cine-concert_allegre1.jpgPerforming arts

Since the early days of cinema machine (projector) and its operator are part of the show ...

but quickly the musical accompagnment make forget what is happening outside the  screen for the benefit of the film,

The quality of the projection and sound is contemporary!

The movie- concert is a film projection in which one or more  musicians
accompanies a silent film.

Ciné Garrigues offers a meeting but we can also make the projection of your film concert

affiche-keaton.jpgLe Mécano de la générale in Movie-concert

    Original music performed live on a real piano composer Frederic Mosson, the film with Buster Keaton and "Le Mécano de la générale" (1926)

     The largest railway pursuit of film history. True masterpiece.

     One of the best films of Buster Keaton, one he said most proud.

     Possibility of intermission or projection at once. Outdoors or indoors.

      The projection may follow a meal, give rise to activities related to the film, to be part of a music or movie festival ....

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